Marley & Boof  - Our Story

Hi there .. Im Marley 


Hi there, my name is Marley !! thanks for coming to say hello and checking out Puppypix.

I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and my best friend Boof. I was born in the country and now I live in the city, we don't have many parks in the city, so when we go its always such an adventure and so much fun. That's where I met my best friend Boof, he is so funny and kinda goofy but I like that he makes me laugh all the time. I still remember the first day I met Boof, he was at the park with his friends and I was chasing my favourite ball, I just love the park and so does Boof. 

One day I was at the park and I saw Boof taking photos of his friends Diesel and Reno, I was really excited to see what they were up to? so I grabbed my favourite ball and quickly ran over. It was so much fun and I wanted to take pictures all day. Since that day Boof and I have been taking pictures of all our friends and we would love to take pictures of your friends too. We just love pet photography and Puppypix.

Boof and I also care very much about our furry friends all over the world and do all we can to make sure they are well looked after and have beautiful families and homes to live in. Our friends at PetRescue do great work and we would like you to take a look at their website. or maybe make a small donation? every little bit helps.


Every day, PetRescue works to support Australian rescue organisations in creating happiness and saving lives, enabling all Australians to discover the joy and unconditional love a rescue pet brings.

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity connecting thousands of rescue pets with loving new homes every month. We believe there’s enough love to save every life. 

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